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Palm industry
is one of important Agro-Industries to economy and people living of Southern Thailand. At present, government set the policy to increase the area for crop the palm and also expand to the Northeastern.  The product of  palm is crude palm oil, then distilled to palm oil for being consumed and processed to value added products including food and non-food.  In addition to palm oil, palm extract process also produces other by-products such as fiber, shell and cluster. These can be further processed to value added products. 

Nowadays government supports the use of  palm oil to produce Bio-Diesel for replacing the gasoline. The Faculty of Agro-Industry, Prince of Songkla University then comprehend the important of palm oil industry to the Southern community. For this purpose, Palm Oil Products and Technology Research Center (POPTEC) was founded by two groups of the researchers in the fields of value added product and wastewater treatment  and also including the researchers in the  field of clean technology in palm oil industry. Moreover, there are many researchers continuously conducting the research of  palm oil for long time.

iconUtilization and value added product development from palm oil.
  • Selection of lipase producing yeast and its application in biodiesel production.
  • Palm oil application in food.
  • Improvement of properties of wax from palm oil for material industry.
  • Phytonutrients extraction from palm crude oil.
  • The production of fatty acid and monoglyceride from palm oil by immobilized lipase in model factory.
  • Expansion for biodiesel production from palm oil by immobilized lipase.
  • Modification of palm oil for alternative of cocoa butter and to used in chocolate product.
  • Mono-glycerides and fatty acid production from palm oil by immobilized lipase
  • Structured triglycerides synthesis by immobilized enzyme.
  • Carotenoid and vitamin E extraction from crude palm oil.
  • Biodiesel production from palm oil by immobilized lipase.
  • Modeling and optimization of glycerolysis of palm oil olein by immobilized lipase.
  • Cellulose and xylanase production from microbe and their application for waste-water treatment system in palm oil mill factory.
  • Production and development the properties the palm oil wax and by-products from palm oil industry and its application in food packaging.
  • Improvement of quality of palm oil for fry food.
  • Production of monoglycerides (MAG) from palm oil and application as emulsifier.
  • Production of oil and lipase by Yarrowia lipolytica and application in the biodiesel production.
  • Biosurfactant producing bacteria from oil palm industry: Screening, production, purification and characterization
  • Enhancement of production efficiency of biodiesel from palm oil by transesterification reaction catalyzed by immobilized-whole cells of lipase-producing yeast
  • Improvement of palm oil properties to use as vehicle substance in oil – based printing ink for petroleum oil-based replacement
iconUtilization of by-products of palm oil
  • Hydrogen production from wastewater from palm oil mill.
  • Bioethanol production from palm fiber.
  • Aminolevulinic acid production from palm fiber substrate and palm cluster
  • Wastewater treatment and oil separation by microorganism.
  • Carboxilic acid production from palm fiber.
  • Paper production from shockproof palm fiber.
  • Recovery of pigments carotenoid form palm oil mill wastes .
  • By-products from palm oil for application in food packaging.
  • Fuel production from fiber and palm oil shell.
  • Oil separation and of treatment wastewater from palm oil mill.
  • Ester production from fatty acid and palm oil by immobilized lipase.
  • Fertilizer product from palm fiber and decanter sludge.
  • Palm fiber and sludge fermentation to produce carboxylic acid by mixed culture.
  • Pulp production from palm oil fiber.
  • Moderate density plywood production from palm fiber and tea sludge.
  • Wastewater treatment in palm oil mill by photo-bacteria.
  • Production of paper from the waste of oil palm plantation.
  • Production and properties of polymer from palm oil mill wastes.
  • Production , properties and potential application of cellulose and cellulose derivatives from palm pressed fiber.
  • Laccase production from palm empty fruit bunches using solid state fermentation for microbial fuel cell.
  • Development of acetone-butanol-ethanol production from palm fiber and palm cake by Clostridium sp.
  • Development of butanol production from hydrolyzed palm fiber using pure culture of Clostridium sp. comparep to butanol production from non-hydrolyzed palm fiber using ixed culture of Clostridium sp. and Bacillus sp
  • Extraction, separation and application of lignin from palm fruit bunch for producing the corrugated board coating
  • Utilization of palm oil mill wastes for production of bioactive compound by fermentation process.
  • Process development for utilization and treatment of effluent and sludge after biogas production of palm oil mill.
  • Production of lipase by fungi that grow on solid food sludge decanter and fungal cells using biodiesel.
iconClean technology and management to increase the production efficiency of palm oil industry.
  • Education to improve water, enery and by-product utilization in palm oil mill.
  • Production of critical point analysis and product increase in palm oil mill.
  • Waste management in palm oil mill.
  • Environment management manual for palm oil mill.
  • Choice for value-added activated bleaching earth through the use of pure palm oil mill.

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