Name : Asst. Prof. Sunisa Siripongvutikorn



Degree :          Ph.D. (Food Technology) Prince of Songkla University, Country Thailand

M.Sc. Food Technology   Prince of Songkla University, Country Thailand

B.Sc. Pest Management    Prince of Songkla University, Country Thailand


Present employment :

Department of Food Technology

Faculty of Agro-Industry Prince of Songkla University

Hat Yai, Songkhla 90112 Thailand

Tel: (66-74) 286344

Fax (66-74) 558866

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Field of interest:  Postharvest of Fish, Nutraceutical and Functional Food


Current researches:  

        Seafood marinade: Development and shelf-life extension

        Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of herbs/spices and curry paste and their application

        Application of natural material as functional food





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Conferences/Meeting and Proceeding:

Invited speaker

Sunisa Siripongvutikorn, 2010. International Symposium as Guest Speaker  for the Status and Future of Functional Foods; Asian Perspectives held on November 10, 2010 in Cheonan, Korea.


Proceeding :

PAKAWATCHAI, Charupat; SIRIPONGVUTIKORN, Sunisa and USAWAKESMANEE, Worapong. 2009.  Effect of Herb and Spice Pastes on the Quality Changes of Minced Salmon Flesh Waste during Chilled Storage FIAC2009 POSTER PRESENTATION. 11th Agro-Industry Conference. 18-19 June BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. Food Innovation Conference.


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