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Department of Material Product Technology
was stablished in 1994. The aim was to support the industry need for professional people in material and packaging area.   The department is the first educational institution in Southern region of Thailand providing technical education in material and packaging applications.  The department is equipped with a variety of advanced instruments and hand on experienced faculty.

icon Food packaging  
  • Identifying suitable materials for the development of new or alternative packaging approaches for employing the concept of biodegradable food packaging
  • Production, properties and potential application of active food packaging for shelf life extension of food.
  • Microencapsulation of bioactive compounds derived from natural resources and potential uses in food packaging.
  • Production and application of freshness indicator in food stuff.
  • Shelf life of packaged food
icon Packaging technology  
  • Seal integrity of packaging
  • Shock and vibration in packaging
  • Packaging dynamic
icon Paper and printing  
  • Wax and organic materials for paper coating
  • Pulping and paper from agricultural by products and wastes
  • Ink and printing technology
  • Modified starch use for paper process
icon Polymer and polymer composite  
  • Barrier properties of polymers
  • Bio-related polymer materials
  • Bio-based polymer blend and (nano) composite
  • Rubber based composite materials
icon Product and package design  
  • Structural and graphic design of package
  • Product design

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