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is an area that is growing in scientific importance and economic application. During recent decades, rapid advances in the area have permitted significant new developments to be utilized within the agricultural, pharmaceutical, food industries as well as in the field of environmental protection. In the Department, we strive to invent and develop new techniques that will find application in these industries in the future.

icon Environmental Biotechnology
  • Industrial and agricultural waste utilization
  • Improvement of wastewater treatment system
  • Utilization of microorganisms for the degradation and remediation of contaminants from the environment
icon Enzyme Technology and Food Biotechnology
  • Study of enzyme from microorganisms and their applications
  • Probiotics and prebiotics from herbal plants and bacteria
  • Study of bioactive compounds from microorganisms isolated from fermented foods
icon Marine Biotechnology
  • Production of biopolymers, coloring agents, anticancer, enzyme, biosurfactant and bioemulsifier from marine microorganisms
  • Shrimp probiotics
icon Bioprocess Technology
  • Development and scale up of fermentation process and enzyme reaction
  • Bioreactor design for fermentation process and enzyme reaction
iconMolecular Biotechnology Utilization of genetic engineering techniques in the various
      biotechnological researches
  • Improvement of microorganisms or industrial enzymes properties
  • Study of biodegradation mechanisms
  • Screening of antibacterial substances or bioremediation-related characteristics and its applications


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