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Food science and technology

have become important for the economic development of the country. Due to the lack of food over the world, food stability turns to be the issue of concern to ensure the sufficiency of food for human consumption. Thailand has recently been recognized as the ‘world kitchen’ owing to the plenty of food resources as well as the continuous success in development in food industry. Food with high quality, which can successfully compete in the world market, should be researched and developed persistently by the qualified food scientist and technologist. Appropriate technology should be invented along with the continual emergence of new products, which grow the demand share. As a consequence, food industries of the country can be of sustainability and competitiveness.

iconMarine Food and Utilization
  • Extraction, characteringtion of fish collagen and gelatin
  • Bioaction peptides derived from fish protein
  • Uses of phenolic compounds for improvement of fish quality
iconFood Chemistry and Analysis
  • Relation of raw material and product qualities and quantities in palm oil extraction industry
  • Increasing functional and nutritional value of meat,poultry meat and healthy meat products
  • Utilization of polysaccharide or chemical modified starch to improve quality and properties of meat products
  • Separation, modification and functional properties of proteins from virgin coconut oil manufacturing waste.
iconFood Processing and Engineering
  • Processing and purification of bioactive peptide from aquaculture fish and shellfish
  • Processing and purification of functional food ingredient from by-product of frozen white shrimp processing
  • Fruit processing (especially on local southern fruits and vegetables
  • Drying and baking technology
  • Rheological and thermal properties of foods
  • Utilization of resistant starch and dietary fiber to increase nutritional value of bakery technology
  • The application of edible coating in foods
  • Food preservation using thermal process and quality changing during storage 
  • Effect of low temperature and type of packaging on the chemical physical and microstructure changes in fruits and vegetables
  • Production and properties of chondroitin sulfate from poultry processing wastes
  • Extraction, properties and utilization of collagen gelatin and protein hydrolysates from poultry processing wastes
iconFood Microbiology Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Survival of probiotic in food and feed products
  • Meat microbiology and products protection
  • Food safety of indigenous products.
  • Risk analysis and control measure for food safety in the production chain of frozen squid for exporting
  • Assessment of anti-nutritional factors in indigenous legumes, vegetables and fruits
  • Microbial risk assessment of food products
  • Application of microbial enzyme in food industry
iconProduct Development and Shelf-life Extension
  • Bioactive activity in herbs/spices and curry paste and their application
  • Microbiological and chemical agents reduction by  natural product moisture oyster product
  • Fishery: development of marinated products shelf-life extension
  • Development on process of ready-to-eat intermediate moisture oyster product
  • Use of mangosteen extract to improve the shelf-life and safety of fresh-cut mangosteen
  • Extension shelf life of fruits and vegetables by using minimal processing e.g. MAP, low temperature storage
  • Development of new product from freshwater and seawater animals 
  • Shelf-life extension of southern fruit and vegetable and its quality changes during storage
  • Rice starch characteristic and its product development
  • Improvement of quality and value-added meat products from spent hen, goat meat and trimming meat
  • Product development (seafood product , waste from seafood used as functional food)
  • Sensory evaluation

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